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3 From Hell Is Better Than You've Heard

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

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3 From Hell has been out for some time now. You can pick up the d.v.d. at Walmart (wow, times change). It's also been about a month since a watched the film. The crazy thing about this movie is that it haunts you.

Let's start with the fact that this movie is pointless. It is just for the fans and it really offers nothing new to Rob Zombie's cinema output. The movie is simply more of the same. It's just the continuing adventures of Otis and Baby with new character Foxy thrown in the mix. Heck, the movie starts out with the Devil's Rejects just surviving the Bonnie & Clyde style hailstorm of bullets that ended that last movie. I mean, what? We saw the bullet holes in the people and they just survived? It seems cheap.

The movie just follows the three on a murder spree and the ending leaves the possibility of another adventure open. It brings in some new, memorable characters along the way and ratchets up the violence and gallows humor. I would love to be dismissive of this movie and I was, in fact, dismissive of it while watching it and for several days afterward, then it started creeping into my thoughts. There are indeed some very iconic scenes and moments in the movie that will stick with you.

The bottom line is if you've been putting off watching this movie in fear of it somehow tainting the experience of House Of 1000 Corpses and/or The Devil's Rejects, then go ahead and give it a go, it will echo in your thoughts for a long time afterward.

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