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3 From Hell-More From Hell

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

It's +3 for accuracy when your hat matches your weapon

The new trailer for Three From Hell is here!

Rob Zombies latest hit's Fathom Events September 16th, 17th and 18th with special bonuses. It seems to be extremely clever marketing, or a way to run an end around traditional theater bookings.

So, does the new trailer explain how our trio survived the end of The Devil's Rejects? Yeah, kind of. It looks like they beat million to one odds and survived thanks to an amazing medical plan or something. I think of the choices that Zombie had, just plain survival was better than chalking it up to a dream, or magic, or some other hard to fathom mechanism.

It also looks like this movie should be called "3 and 1/2 From Hell". Sid Haig is aging, having turned 80 this past July 14th. It looks like he'll somehow be left behind or killed and a new killer will team up with the Firefly clan. Then again, if he's still part of the story then it could be called, "3 Men And A Baby". Hopefully this new blood was inserted into the story to that additional movies are a possibility later. Have a look at the new footage:

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