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Army Of The Dead Teaser Trailer Here

When your lust for brains leaves you all shook up

Dammit. I was excited about this and now I'm not so sure.

Your horror-boy Frankie has to admit something right now, and that's that I hate "heist" movies. Seriously, who gives a crap. A bunch of guys bust into a supposedly "unpenetrable" bank vault, probably double-cross each other and maybe a good guy among the bad guys makes it out with a few bucks. So basically we have a heist movie cake with a zombie frosting.

I knew all of this about the "Army Of The Dead" movie going in. I knew the plotline, I was just hoping the whole "heist" aspect of it would be played down or something. Then, there's the whole Vegas thing. Vegas has Elvis impersonators and showgirls and whatnot, okay we get it. This just feels like something two stoners came up with or something.

Guys, if you've read these things on a regular basis, you know I'll watch any old trash (and enjoy it) but this just went from A level expectation for me to C level "I'll watch it if nothing else is on".

Let me give it some props, the falling helicopter does show a level of budget that you don't get in most zombie movies, so maybe there's some fun stuff there. BUT, if you go back and look at the zombie hoard (with the fire near the middle) it looks like straight-up CGI garbage.

I am bummed. I was hoping this would be the movie that World War Z was not, and now it's going to make that movie look like Gone With The Wind. Damn. Just Damn.

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