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AWOLNATION Drop Cool Halloween Themed Video

Coincidently, his favorite band is Styx

Before we even get started, can we talk about that^mask? Holy jeebus that is something made of Nightmares and I'm surprised this is the first time I've seen anything quite like it.

You know AWOLNATION even if you think you don't. We've been yelling "SAIL" since 2011 and pretty much haven't stopped in eight years. The band has released tons of great material since then, but when your first single is that HUGE, it takes a lot to overcome it (the song has around a half a billion views on that track).

The new track is called "The Best" and checks out a kid getting bullied on Halloween night (and why were they bullying him, that candy is shit?). Somehow all of this turns into a superhero or supervillain being born (personally I'd rather seen him kick the bullies in the cookies, so good, bad, it doesn't matter).

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