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B Is For Brontophobia

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Horrorweb's resident makeup artist is at it again. These makeups jobs are intense and incredibly well thought out. I am actually stunned at this latest series, so I'll let her tell the tale:

Hey y’all! It’s Kuru back with a second look for you guys. This time I got to paint up a friend of mine, Kayla Stojek! I had such a blast with this one. This look is based off the phobia/fear “Brontophobia” which is the fear of lightning and thunder. I wanted to incorporate a new technique that i’ve been wanting to try out. All the supplies that I used will be listed below!
Let me know what you guys think! I’ll see y’all next week
Airbrush: Iwata Neo
Airbrush paints: EBA & Proaiir
Detail paint: Wolfe FX & Chameleon Body Arts

Check out "A is for Archluophobia" here

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