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Before Chucky, This Was The Scariest Doll Ever

When you look over and remember you brought a girl home from the bar last night

Ladies and Gentlefiends, let's think of a simpler time. The year was 1975. Scary stuff did not play on the television. Let's also keep in mind that most of us only had three channels (yeah, I'm THAT old) so that when there was a "t.v. event" everyone watched it and you could all dissect it at school the next day. The event was Trilogy Of Terror.

As with most trilogies it had three stories (that's a joke) the first was a woman seeking revenge for a date rape, the second was about some creepy twins and the third was about a woman who snagged up an artifact that comes to life.

What can I say other than this little asshole was terrifying (for the time). Yes, it'll look a bit cheesy to you and if it was made today the doll would first take on a more human form and move more smoothly, but that's kind of why this worked: it's just like a wood-carved doll you would see anywhere else.

You might think, "punt the bastard", but would you really kick something with that many teeth and a sharp blade? As you can see in the clip, a lot of evasive maneuvers don't work either.

There is a bonus to this too, it features horror icon Karen Black (you may know her as the original Mama Firefly from House Of 1000 Corpses). Let's be honest and say that this isn't her finest acting, but she gets the point across.

So what brings this up? Well, the original doll just sold at auction for over two hundred grand setting an auction record for the most expensive horror prop ever sold (Jack Nicholson's ax from The Shining gets bumped to #2)

If you have 16 minutes, take a look at what made kids piss themselves, in both fear and laughter in 1975.

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