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Brightburn The Evil Alien Superhero Kid Movie

This is sign language for "Oh sh-t, my kids an evil alien".

You know how Hollywood pitch meetings go, right? A writer will pitch an idea like, "imagine if Superman came to earth, but he was kind of evil". The next thing you know, you have 'Brightburn" .

That was my exact reaction when a co-worker played me this trailer. You see the kid hover, you see the kid burn metal (presumably with his eyes) you even see him try to eat a fork (yes, eat a fork, not eat with a fork).

Despite this somewhat hokey premise the movie actually looks really good. It sets up the moral dilemma immediately of what do you do with an evil person when they're just a kid. Also, how do you deal with an evil kid that has superpowers.

The movie stars the lovely Elizabeth Banks who I don't think has ever made a movie that wasn't enjoyable on some level. Here's the trailer for Brightburn.

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