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C Is For Coulrophobia

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

He looks far too happy about this.

Horrorweb's Official Makeup Maniac is back at it again, with a truly original clown makeup scheme. Color us jaded pros impressed with the decadent, decayed look of this clown creep. This nasty little clown will haunt your dreams and we're very uncomfortable with whatever he has planned for that deer head. And with that, here's Kuru with how things went down:

Hey, all you spooky guys and gals! It’s Kuru with another look for you peeps. The look for this week is based off the fear/phobia of CLOWNSSS, called “Coulrophobia.” This was definitely one of my favorite looks that I’ve done so far! This groovy model is my friend Zaq! Look at his fancy nose piercing All the products that i used will be listed below! Thank you so much for checking this out! I have a lot of new projects coming up that I will be sharing here as well, so stay tuned for that See y’all ghouls n gargoyles next week! Stay spooky!

Airbrush: Iwata Neo Airbrush paint: Proaiir Detail paint: Skin Illustrator “Fx” palette

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