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Celebrate Xmas With Horrornaments

Lemmee just say that something like this is in your future if you keep rawdawgin' strippers.

We started a new tradition at my house this year, the Halloween Tree. The idea is that we put this up in September and ride the tree train all the way through New Years. It's a little black tree that for now just has plastic spiders and lights on it. The goal would be to up my game to the point where we put ornaments based on horror characters on it.

Well lo and behold, here's a company that does just that; makes horror ornaments. Can you believe they're called "Horrornaments" (it was like it was under our noses the whole dang time)?

This company literally has it all from Alice Cooper to Zombie Santa. There's even a few trademarked figures like Ghostface from Scream and Michael Myers. The Cthulu is a hoot and they even have a twisted version of the lamp from "A Christmas Story".

I also learned a little something here with this Evil Christmas Pickle. Apparently (non-evil) Christmas Pickles are a tradition in some families, with the kid that finds the Christmas Pickle getting an extra present. Well dang, I guess I missed out on that one. Anyways, check out Horrorornaments here; why hate on Christmas when you can just turn it into second Halloween.

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