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Check Out The New SAW: Spiral Trailer

Waiter, I asked for a spork!

Oh man, it's here and I can't wait. I am a huge SAW fan (and I really think a lot of you blew it by not check out the last film-including the amazing laser halo kill). Now Chris Rock comes along and not only is he injecting a little tension-relieving humor into the script, but he's also playing the starring role. The movie is actually called "Spiral-From The Book Of SAW" but we all know what's really up.

Also starring in the film is the incredible Samuel L. Jackson as Rock's dad. So, what do you think the chances are that both are going to survive this film? Also, what do you think the chances are the Samuel L. Jackson signed onto two films? My guess is one of these gentlemen is a goner and it's probably Sam. Then again, Rock could have put this film together with the intention of new people hunting the SAW killer in future installments.

Listen closely and you'll hear echos of the original SAW theme. I am concerned that I didn't see "Billy" (the puppet) or anyone saying "I want to play a game" (even though Samuel L. Jackson answers the question with a question). None of this matters though. I am 100% all in on this one. I don't care if it's a flaming bag of dog doo, I'm steppin' in this SAW business. Check it out:

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