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Chucky Is Back And Looking Good

And the winner for most kickable face is...

Here's a little scoop for you. Your friends at HorrorWeb own haunted theme parks. Yup, we're in charge of putting scares into the air. That's important information to have when I tell that dolls freak people the fudge out. New dolls, old dolls, plastic dolls, rag dolls, it doesn't matter, dolls give so many people the heebie-jeebies that it's hard to believe anyone really likes them.

Filmmakers took advantage of the creepy-doll trope when they dropped Child's Play and Chucky smack dab in the middle of the Freddy-Jason-Michael-Freddy era. Even then, the filmmakers knew that they'd have to treat these things with a sense of humor and an icon was born.

SyFy/USA are relaunching the franchise and skipping over the "Child's Play" name. After all, we all call them "Chucky Movies" anyways. This is just a quick teaser but it got my blood pumping. The series starts on October 12th.

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