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Could Marilyn Manson Be Randall Flagg In The Stand?

First attempt at putting on KISS makeup

Marilyn Manson has revealed that he has been cast in the CBS All-Access adaptation of "The Stand". Most roles have been cast and revealed, but no one has been announced as the main protagonist Randall Flagg.

Now, while it's unlikely that Manson snagged such a prime roll, let's look at why he would be great in it. First off, Manson has not had what I would consider a career or character defining roll. He has not had that one shot to be all the evil he can be. Next up, this is CBS All-Access; while this project is said to be nicely budgeted, it's doubtful that they'll get A-level talent and will have to get creative. Lastly, Marilyn Manson generates press and a ton of it. He's a great, articulate and controversial talk show guest.

It's fun to speculate about Manson in one of the lead roles, but with a new album and probably a tour on the way, it's more likely that Manson will just do one of his famous cameos (which tend to be more distracting that anything else). I'd just love to see someone finally take a chance on Manson in a lead roll.

One thing that we do know for certain is, Manson has put together a cover of The Doors song "The End" with Shooter Jennings for the project.

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