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Creepshow Hits Shudder This September

When moms drunk and she does your KISS makeup

Creepshow is coming to Shudder with 12 Episodes, so let's review a little bit. Creepshow is not Tales From The Crypt, so no Cryptkeeper. I felt like I needed to point this out because a lot of people online were already making this mistake. The two had a lot of common, one being a slightly bent sense of humor mixed in with a lot of the horror.

So let's chat about this. This show has a pretty good pedigree with folks like The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero and special effects legend Tom Savini involved. Plus you've got more great character actors that a Rob Zombie movie slammed in, including horror legend Tobin Bell of Jigsaw and Adrienne Barbeau of Swamp Thing and a million other movies. The writers are also a who's who of horror.

The trailer does look like this show may be a little on underfunded side but that too was part of the fun of the original Creepshow compilations. There was just a certain goofiness about these stories that gave them their own identities. This could be in part due to a very rushed shooting schedule (one source says 3 1/2 days for each of the 12 stories).

If you're part of the Shudder fam, then this one should be right up your sleeve. Look for it to hit the service in September.

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