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D Is For Daemonophobia

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

She's the one-eye, one-eye, one-eye love...

I feel so guilty that I get to introduce and promote such a wonderful talent. She's such a bright shining star in the makeup world. Kuru is back with here A to Z of Halloween/Horror makeup. Today she's dreamed up a dark demon delight to scare the pants of the straights and with that, I'll let her take it from here;

Hey, all you ghouls & gals! It’s Kuru back with another look for you guys this week. This look is based on the phobia/fear of “Demons” or known as “Daemonophobia.” This spooky model is my dear friend Sarah! She makes a great demon, don’t ya think? Fun fact- the word “demon” comes from the Ancient Greek “daimon”, which signified a god or a spirit- the base of the word is a verb meaning “to divide.” Spooky to think about lol. All the products that i used will be listed below! Can't wait for next week! See y’all then! -Kuru

Airbrush- Neo Iwata Airbrush paint- Eba Detail paint- Skin Illustrator “Fx” Palette

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