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Did You Know The Grinch Did Halloween Too?

That Face You Make 30 Minutes After Eating A Truck Stop Burrito

My mind is blown. I've always been a Grinch fan. I'm talkin old school regular Grinch, not Jim Carrey Grinch and certainly not Grinch 2018. It wasn't until I was Monday years old that I discovered that there was a Grinch Halloween cartoon.

This cartoon actually is set up as a prequel, because as you may know, the Grinch got rid of his grinchiness at the end of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Before you get to the cartoon, which you can see in entirety below, let me blow your mind one more time, you know the Grinch originally wasn't green, right? In the book he was just drawn black and white.

So now you can celebrate the Grinch, which is kind of a Christmas thing, with a Halloween story, enjoy!

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