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Dracula Gets Ready To Take A Bite Out Of Netflix

The look on your face when she says, "who's mommy's little special boy?"

Okay, this is more like it. This just might be the best thing to happen to vampires since "What We Do In The Shadows".

First off, the bad news. There are only three episodes in this series. Then there's the good news. It's hard to mess up something that only has three episodes. The EXTRA good news? You can get started watching Saturday, as in tomorrow, as in January 4th.

Claes Bang portrays the Count and he certainly has that old-world creepy European vibe, even though he's from Denmark.

This production was actually a BBC series that began it's run on New Years Day before shufflin' off to Netflix.

So, do you plan on binging all three episodes at once, or are you still into The Witcher?

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