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Enjoy This Sample Of What We Do In The Shadows

The moment that you realize that that one was indeed, dry.

No. This is not new. It is not the t.v. show either. It's the opening five minutes of the classic, "What We Do In The Shadows". I am still amazed by comedy and horror fans who have not seen this...then again, it's a New Zealand film.

So what brings this to mind? Well, you may recognize that face above from the countless promos for the Nazi comedy "JoJo Rabbit". That is Taika Waititi who is a HUGE star in his native New Zealand.

A short film was put together on this concept which led to the feature film which then led to a very successful t.v. show (a second season is planned). This is also the reason I bring this first five minutes of this film up. If you happen to watch this movie before the t.v. show, then you will enjoy some very special moments in one of the episodes.

So, who doesn't like free samples? Here's the first five minutes of the feature film which is WELL worth your time.

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