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Evil Dead Fan Film Within The Woods

It's important that you really blend that sunscreen in.

Fan films are awesome! Most are short too. This makes for some awesome viewing.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of multiple approaches to the same basic storyline (kind of like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are doing now). let's say there's "evil in them thar woods"; why would we think our protagonist would be the only to encounter that evil? Taking it another route completely, we can say, "what adventures did Spiderman have that he didn't tell us about?" The idea of multiple storylines originating from one series of events would actually be the plausible way to think about things.

This brings us to this short Evil Dead fan film. It's called "Within The Woods" and was actually featured on The Ultimate Evil Dead Fan Club on Facebook. It's a very fun few minutes. Yes, there are a few moments that don't cut the mustard, but a lot of it looks like outtakes from the original film.

So there you have it, go get some sugar, baby:

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