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Fear Street 1978 Footage Is Here

Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug

Pardon me for being late to the whole "Fear Street" thing. I am certainly ingrained in the old school worlds of horror but too old to read R.L. Stein books. This led me to somewhat dismiss the Fear Street trilogy now playing on Netflix. This was my bad because episode one was very good.

Then again, this new Fear Street series is for grownups or late teens. Episode one featured cursing, drug use, blood splatter, a lesbian make-out scene, and generally all of the things that make a teen-horror romp fun.

The first movie certainly tipped its hat to the Scream series before veering off into its own territory. The first movie also sets up the second which goes back from the '90s to the '70s and will ultimately take us to 1660, "where it all began".

I have to say I'm pleased. Simply put, the first was a slasher film with supernatural elements. You do get the feeling at some points that you're watching something directed at teens, but then blammo...big time splatter happens. I'm going to have to go ahead and recommend this series before someone spoils it for you. Here's a scene from the second movie (it won't ruin the first one for you if you haven't seen it).

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