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Final Halloween Kills Trailer Drops With Killer Cameos

Even though he had killer chops and a great mask, Michael was denied a position in Slipknot

The final trailer for Halloween Kills is here and it's pretty killer (yeah, I had to do that). It features many characters from the previous installments.

Reviews on the sequel to a sequel in part of a trilogy or whatever have been very mixed. I have to say that I think they did a great job of extending the mythos during the opening movie of the trilogy but it sounds like this one suffers from being a somewhat neglected middle child.

My guess is that horror fans that are not purists are going to enjoy the ride. I think that knocking that not everything is at stake because there's a whole other movie in the can, has taken a little edge off the suspense. We DO know that this flick is supposed to have a very high body count and a lot of grisly deaths, so yummy!

Apparently, the whole town has decided to hunt Michael down because nothing ever goes wrong when you have an angry mob. It's my guess a whole bunch of mistaken-for-Michael folks will go down, while Mr. Myers cakewalks to the final movie in the trilogy "Halloween Ends".

Can I take one final moment to piss off you purists? Why not put together a team of psycho's who worship Mr. M that hunt dressed as him? That would open the world up a bit for surprises (maybe they'll save that for "Halloween 4: A New Beginning".

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