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Freddy Vs. Jason-The Musical

This is the Friends Reunion we actually wanted to see

I certainly hope you were born in time to experience the Freddy and Jason years. If you weren't, I hope you were able to relive the adventures on d.v.d. It all culminated with Freddy Vs Jason which was tremendous fun, even if it didn't make sense 100% of the time.

It was the Brawl For It All when the two went at it, leaving Jason the victor, or did it? The story was certainly left open-ended with a decapitated Freddy giving us a little wink to let us know he was going to somehow come back.

After all this time the two are together with a sweet love ballad for each other. Apparently, this is how horror parody group "The Merkins" (the most unlikely name for a horror parody group) spent their pandemic. The team dropped this hot biscuit sometime in January and it just now surfaced on our feed.

We hope you enjoy this tender reunion of the gruesome twosome, because it certainly warms our cold, cold hearts.

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