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Fresh Candyman Trailer Drops

Who is BEYOND ready for the new Candyman? Let's take it back a notch. I was totally down for the original Candyman but I just didn't feel like he measured up. After all, who could possibly stand up to the Freddy and Jason era? I have a feeling that Jordan Peele is going to correct this.

Original actor Tony Todd will get his due too, as he has some part in this. It's the safe guess that he'll be handing down the Candyman legacy to a new actor/victim/future Candyman.

If there was a better movie or theme for this time, I'm not sure what it would be. Candyman was originally a Clive Barker story that took place in Liverpool but was updated with social and political commentary by writer/director Bernard Rose.

Since the time of its release, the legend of Candyman has eclipsed the actual movie (in other words, he's scary as f@$% even though the movie was pretty good at best).

The new trailer combines some footage we've seen with a pinch of seasoning here and there. Check it out:

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