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Get A Look At The New Swamp Thing

This is where kale comes from

I must confess that I was a fan of the original Swamp Thing movie. This is saying a lot for me, because as you may have noticed my horror tastes tend to favor the serial killer-y type stuff. Sure, I like monsters okay, but the more things lean towards sci-fi and the supernatural the more likely I am to check out. The original movie also had a high camp factor, and still, I really enjoyed the 1982 film. Maybe it was the fact that it was a Wes Craven joint, or Adrienne Barbeau's giant heaving breasts. I was not the only fan of this film because it spawned a sequel, a t.v. series and a cartoon series.

So that brings us to the new reboot. The nostalgia factor is working for a lot of us here, but don't get too excited, there are some reports that the new series was scheduled for 13 episodes but for some reason production was shut down after 10. Now, this could be anything, even the director finding a more logical place to end the first story, but it is a bit worrisome for some of us who are excited about the project. Furthermore the rumors are that it's the entire DC Universe streaming platform in trouble and not just this series.

The show is scheduled to start May 31st on DC Universe and it's a safe bet that it'll pop up somewhere if DC folds the streaming service. It is said to be a bit "R-rated" in tone (yippie!) This trailer is just a monster reveal and quite frankly I screen capped the best shot of the new Swamp Thing, but's Swamp Thing!

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