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Get Ready For Killas With Attitudes

The Merkins are back!

Ghost in the sheets, killa in the streets

The Merkins specialize in horror-related parody videos. They've done a few other odds and ends like Game Of Thrones spoofs, but these guys drill down on the movies we grew up with. In Killas With Attitudes Freddy, Jason and friends team up with Pennywise for a new track. So, the track is basically fire, a real slappa...but guys, you couldn't get the Pennywise to at least move his lips to the rap?

I guess just like "Machete don't text", "Pennywise don't lipsynch". Maybe his tummy was full of children's souls or something. None of this nonsense keeps this from being an EPIC track about our favorite horror stars. It's an all-star group of ghouls, but I think Chuckie and Candyman are conspicuously absent.

Anyways, good on you Merkins! Thanks for sharing your love of horror with us.

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