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Get Your First Look At Them

I'm, the man, in the box.

Amazon has dropped a full-length trailer for its new "terror" series entitled "Them". I am 100 % all about it because it strikes me as a bit familiar but in a good way.

The HBO series "Lovecraft Country" effectively mixed racism and horror into a stew that for me was absolutely delicious. Imagine having horrible supernatural things happening to you and you are being treated as a class of people that can't really get any help.

"Them" will reportedly mine some of the same turf as Lovecraft Country when a black family moves into a white neighborhood AND strange, supernatural stuff starts to go down. The combo just works because it ratchets up the tension on two-levels.

There are good signs with this series too; apparently, the setup was so strong that it was inked for two seasons right off the bat. The show will debut in April on Amazon Prime.

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