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Ghost Drop New Track From Halloween Kills Soundtrack

When dad farts, the whole family suffers.

How perfect is it to have new music from Ghost just in time for the Halloween season? They'll do you better than that, the new track "Hunter's Moon" is from the soundtrack to the new Halloween Kills movie.

Ghost can do no wrong in my book. Some appear to have a problem with the fact that they look so hardcore but have such great pop sensibilities. The people that have this problem haven't studies metal too well, because they are far from the first to go this route. I hate to tell you this, but Judas Priest, KISS, and Black Sabbath all hit the pop charts.

Ghost is set to release a new album called "The Human Condition" this year and plan to hit the road with Volbeat and Twin Temple (saw them last night and they were incredible).

I'm also digging the fact that the new Halloween movie will have at least this one song in it in addition to a score by the legendary John Carpenter. Early reviews on the film are mixed, but I'm such a fan I don't think I'll be personally disappointed.

Have a listen to the new Ghost "Hunters Moon" and just imagine it playing during the credits of "Halloween Kills".

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