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Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Has Arrived!

"I told you, one more Bernine Meme and I was gonna lose it!"

I have to admit. I'm not a big Godzilla guy. I am also not a big King Kong guy. Even with that said, this trailer had me losing it for this movie. This just looks absolutely amazing.

There is one single moment that I'd like to bring your attention to. When Godzilla finally raises up out of the water and jumps on the boat his neck skin flaps about a little bit. THAT tells me that there is some real care taken in bringing this to life.

All we can tell from the trailers and online plot points is that Kong is being taken captive when Godzilla arrives with some kind of crustation up his lizard-hole and the humans have no choice but to weaponize Kong for battle. Also along the way Kong goes all Negan and starts swinging lizards around like he's trying to teach somebody a lesson. Apparently along the way some little girl is a monkey-whisperer too.

Okay, I'm going to write more words, but you should probably skip right to the trailer.

Kong also looks aces in this trailer with an expressive face and moving hair. It always seems a little odd to me that Kong never comes at you with any monkey-junk. After all, what would be scarier than a monkey coming at you with his business flopping around. I told you you should have skipped to the trailer before I started digging into a monkey and his monkey business.

This is one of the films that is set to go to HBO Max, but I think I'll put on a mask and see it on the big screen, THAT's how good this looks.

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