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H Is For Hypochondria

I hope you're ready for another visit from our resident makeup ghoul Kuru! She's jumped ahead in the alphabet to focus on something that is so fitting and so RIGHT NOW. With all the disease out there, it makes perfect sense that some people would take that fear of infection just a little too far.

This ends up being a double treat as well because this time around Kuru and her Krew have submitted a video of the makeup. Here's hoping you can sleep tonight after seeing "H is For Hypochondria.

Hey all you ghouls & gals! It’s Kuru back with another spooky look for you guys! This week I had another wonderful opportunity to paint up my friend Kayla Stojek! Aka ZombiePeepshow if you don’t know 😉 This makeup look is based off the fear/phobia “Hypochondria” which is known as the fear of illness. I wanted to do a sort of “radiation” look with this one, i think it turned out pretty well! Let me know what you spooks think 🎃 All the products i used for this look will be listed below! Cant wait for next week 👻

Airbrush: Neo Iwata

Airbrush paint: Proaiir & EBA

Detail paint: WolfeFx

UV Paints: Unknown

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