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Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Who ordered the house well done?

The Halloween Kills trailer is here. This is both so encouraging and so heart-breaking at the same time. I had initially started making my plans to go to the theater inside a hefty bag filled with Lysol, when I suddenly realized that the trailer said: "In Theaters October 15th, 2021". Are you freakin' kidding me here? They got us hyped up and moved the date, and if you're going to move the date you couldn't at least move it to September of next year? How about bumping this to July 2021, then give us the conclusion "Halloween Ends" in October of 2021? I'm about to go all Michael on some damn marketing guys.

The trailer picks up right where the previous movie left off with Laurie's house/trap on fire. I guess I'll leave it at that because there's not much here other than pure excitement. It will be a challenge to maintain that excitement too because by now you should know that this is part two of a three-parter. Then again, they could put Michael through a meat grinder and we all know he would survive somehow. Here's the trailer:

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