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Here's Negan!

Fonzie just laughed when they asked what happened to the rest of the Happy Days gang.

I have a feeling the single best episode of The Walking Dead is still to come. We are about to hit the coda to last season with a series of close-up episodes on some of the characters. AMC knows what's up, because "Here's Negan" will be the one it all builds up to.

Let's talk a little Negan talk. First up, I am FORTUNATE to have the t.v. character and the comic book character a little jumbled in my mind. The long and short of it is that t.v. character has a lot more charm. The Negan of the comic books was based on Henry Rollins (who actually auditioned to play himself, and didn't get it) and is a lot colder.

I've also had the please of reading the "Here's Negan" comic book and I'm hoping the t.v. episode takes it a bit further. The comic book really only takes you to the point where Negan becomes a bad guy (with wraparounds, but still) and I'd like that filled in a little more, please.

There is an old saying, "You're always a villain in someone else's story" and I get that just a bit with Negan. Oh yeah, he's 100% villain but some of his justifications make you think. Negan may not have the morals you want him to have, but he does have a certain code that he lives by, one of which is his chivalry towards women. In fact, what you get when you get more of a 360-degree view of Negan is, that though he's beating and killing people, he's really just trying to strike out at the world at large for the hand he's been dealt.

Looking at The Walking Dead at large, I feel things wrapping up. The regular show is scheduled to end after NEXT season and hopefully, the Commonwealth storyline doesn't suck all the air out of the upcoming Carole & Daryl show that is spinning off. Its my hope that Negan continues to get his mojo back, rather than being the mopey guy he was after being jailed. Deeds, not words, Mr. Negan. Time to grab Lucille or her sister and whack some noggins.

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