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Holy Moly! Dexter Is Back

Well SOMEONE kept trying to yell "Booger" when he was on the phone.

Well, stick this in your 2020! Dexter Morgan is coming back in a limited series on Showtime. It only makes sense that the year that brought us a pandemic and murder-hornets would bring back everyone's favorite serial killer.

After what had to be one of the worst finales in T.V. history (right up there with the hot garbage that was the end of Seinfeld), Dexter will be back. If you remember, Dexter surfaced at the end of the last episode as a lumberjack, 'cause I dunno, why. Maybe it was because Angel was hot on his trail or maybe he likes the smell of fresh sawed timber. Anyways, it just all felt so incomplete, leaving us thinking that he should have either have died or kept on killing. Instead, he was just kind of sitting there.

It's hoped that the ten series limited event will begin production next year. I am now forced to endure existence on this hellish planet long enough to see Michael C. Hall in the roll he was born to play (okay, the OTHER roll he was born to play. He was pretty great on Six Feet Under too).

The actual trailer below is from the start of the first run, just to get you geeked up.

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