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Horror Jackets That Will Leave You Screaming!

What can I say, I love horror fashion. Much like life, it blurs the line between the beautiful and the horrifying. When it comes to this unique fashion arena, nobody corners the market better than Zombie Peepshow. Having been in the business for over a decade, ZP has sold their amazing horror-inspired shoes and hats to thousands of horror fans, models and even the likes of Lady Gaga, Whoopi Goldberg, and so many more. HorrorWeb had the pleasure of recently visiting and interviewing Zombie Peepshow, and I was surprised to see that not only is every product they create hand-crafted, but their team is comprised of only a few, hard-working ladies that do not suffer imperfection. Zombie Peepshow is definitely the industry leader and trendsetter of custom made horror fashion today, and they aren't going anywhere.

Recently, ZP have expanded their product base by a collaborative effort with Spooky Boi, another master of his craft who specializes in custom made alternative gear, most notably horror jackets. When it comes to their Spooky Boi collaboration, Kayla, the owner of Zombie Peepshow, says "collaborating with Spookie Boi happened so naturally. He has a great eye for not only horror, but wearable art in general. Our minds tend to sync in the same creative direction, making it seamless to work together. We've only had a few projects so far, but have loads of inspiration for future pieces. Most will be centered around Bat City Scaregrounds and our haunt community."

The products of this spooky and recent collaboration have been nothing short of amazing, as three horror/punk jackets have already been released and can be purchased on the Zombie Peepshow Etsy store (links below). And who better to immediately notice and buy your product after its initial debut? How about Chris Motionless from Motionless in White, an American heavy metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Chris recently reached out to ZP and SB wanting the first of three jackets reviewed here, "Tricker Trash".


This Zombie Peepshow "Tricker Trash" jacket was the debut collaboration with Spookie Boi. It comes in both a men's version and a cropped women's version. It features a sculpted jack-o-lantern skull, casted grungy lollipops, assorted metal studs and spikes, and hand made candy corn spikes. Layers of varying UV glow paint cover the base. LEDs are wired through with strobing options and a concealed battery pack. This jacket is custom made for each client so slight variations should be expected (ie. varying paint and exact placement of metal etc.). No two are the same!


The next jacket from this gory collab is "Karny Kash", available for both women and men. It features a three sculpted clown skulls, fringe, assorted metal studs and spikes and metal stars. Layers of varying paint and blood splatter cover the base. LEDs are wired through with twinkle option and a concealed battery pack. Again, each jacket is custom made and no two are the same!


The final jacket of their debut release is "Scuz". This jacket comes in both a men's version and a cropped women's version. It features assorted studs and spikes. Each jacket made will have slight variations (ie. varying spikes and exact placement of metal etc.) so that no two are the same. You choose your back panel preference from the drop down menu. The patch option will include a distressed fabric patch of a band or movie of your choosing.


Get ready for even more products from Zombie Peepshow and Spooky Boi's collaboration, as a fourth jacket is on the way along with vests and more! When we caught up with Zac, founder of Spooky Boi, he had this to say about his future with ZP, "Working with Zombie Peepshow has been a life altering decision in the best way ever. What started out as a hobby in my bedroom turned into a full fledged business, with my first sale going to one of my all time influencers Chris Motionless. Our work together flows flawlessly and happened so naturally. I’m very excited to see what we create next and so on! Truly honored to be a part of something this great and looking forward to our partnership with Bat City."

Instagram: @zombiepeepshow

-Gory Corey

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