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Horror Lovers Will Love This Band

Honey, your lipstick is running.

I guess it's confession time. In addition to being a Haunted House Owner, I am in the music business. I'd love to get more specific with you about that, but my writing here might be seen as a conflict of interest. Let's just say that I'm in a pipeline that allows me to explore a lot of new music. This band was hipped to me by the proprietor of "Rock Bands Of L.A." a music site run by a former record promoter.

Upon some further investigation, I found that the band was not only the toast of the town on the West Coast, but they also scored some opening slots for the band Ghost. I quickly checked out this single and ended up purchasing it and the album that proceeded it, and let's just say I'm tapping my toe to that devil beat.

Knowing that so many of my horror pals like macabre rock, horrorbilly and other genres that put a little creep in their beat, I thought you might like to check this band out. They are described as "Satanic Doo-Wop" or as I like to think, "Possessed Amy Winehouse". Get yourself a big dose of Twin Temple below.

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