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HorrorWeb Reviews Wes Craven's "Coming of Rage" Comic!

Wes Craven's "Coming of Rage" Issue #1 Comic Cover

For this horror comic review, I go back to 2015 and take a look at a series known as "Coming of Rage".

Written by: Wes Craven and Steve Niles

Art by: Francesco Biagini and Liquid Studios

Published by: Liquid Comics.

This comic was actually Wes Craven's last known work before his untimely death, and it was a story based on a joke that came to him. The joke begins as "A vampire, a werewolf and a Zombie walk into a bar". Indeed, the three main characters of this comic are actually a vampire, a werewolf and a zombie. The story begins with a young boy, Ritchie, harnessing dark, supernatural powers as he is separated from his mother. The comic flashes forward to 6 years later, when Ritchie is heading home to hear his father's dying wishes for him to take over the family business. Ritchie does not want the family business however, and after a heated argument with his cantankerous father, Ritchie leaves in a "RAGE". Ritchie seeks refuge in the "Last Chance Bar" where Oscar, who the reader soon discovers is a werewolf, works. Not long after Ritchie enters, Lily (you got it, a zombie) walks in. After some trouble in the bar, the three flee the scene and all is revealed on the three's hidden identities.

The dialogue in this comic is fast paced and very easy to follow. Steve Niles did a good job capturing Craven's story, as expected. The artwork can only be described as dark and grimy, fitting really well with the vibe of the storyline.

This comic was intended to be a 5 issue run, but due to Craven's death it unfortunately only made it to issue 3. I still highly recommend picking this up since not only is it a unique story, but it was also, as mentioned, Craven's last known work.

I give this a 4/5.

This is Alex Sanchez

for Horror Web comicbook reviews.

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