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HorrorWeb Rock Review Of "The Silver Scream" by Ice Nine Kills

HorrorWeb Reviews Ice Nine Kills "The Silver Screen"
Ice Nine Kills "The Silver Screen"

Hey Horror fanatics!!!

Medusa here for another horror music review! This past October, I recently discovered, “The Silver Scream,” from ICE NINE KILLS. This album has 13 songs based on 13 iconic horror movies, perfect for any horror fan. The 13 tracks are as follows: The American Nightmare, Thank God it’s Friday, Stabbing in the Dark, Savages, The Jig is Up, A Grave Mistake, Rocking the Boat, Enjoy the Slay, Freak Flag, The world in My Hands, Merry Axe-mas, Love Bites and IT is the End. The songs are from the following horror movies: Nightmare on Elm st, Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, The Crow, Jaws, The Shinning, The Devil’s Rejects, Edward Scissorhands, Silent Night, Deadly Night, An American Werewolf in London and IT. As of right now, Ice Nine Kills only has five out of the 13 songs done for music videos.

You can find videos to this album’s songs here:

The American Nightmare

Thank God it’s Friday

Stabbing in the Dark:

I first heard this band listening to Octane radio, when the song “A Grave Mistake” started playing. While listening, I thought to myself, hmmm this reminds me a lot of the movie “The Crow”, and in fact, the song turned out to be based on “The Crow”, one of my all time favorite movies. After further lstening and watching the band’s YouTube videos, I decided to purchase their full album. Let me tell you, this album rocks, and months later, it’s still in rotation on my playlist.

Aside from being just a good rock band, Ice Nine Kills did a fantastic job presenting horror movies in their songs, which outside of a few soundtracks here and there, not many bands have done. The American Nightmare, for example, is a good representation of Nightmare on Elm street, though to be honest, I was never much of a Freddy Krueger fan. However, I loved that Ice Nine Kills put a twist on the classic rhyme that is in all the Freddy movies.

“One, two, dreams do come true Three, four, see you at the morgue Five, six, he'll get his fix Seven, eight, now shake the twisted hand of fate Now shake the twisted hand of fate”

You can currently find the band’s songs and videos on youtube, apple music, spotify. The song that really made me personally fall in love with them is “Rocking the Boat”, a song based on the movie “JAWS”. I have an affinity for sharks, and the way the band incorporated the movie into the song was excellent. Normally, I am all for content related to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, but unfortunately, the song “Savages” has little to do with it. There isn’t any mention of Leatherface or chainsaws, which was a real bummer for a horror fan like myself. I had the the same issue with “Freak Flag”, which is supposed to be based on the movie “The Devil’s Rejects”, though from watching the video, you could never tell. In the video, “The World in my Hands”, which is based upong “Edward Scissorhands”, there is definitely a connection, as the lyrics go, “How cruel to be exposed, to everything that I can't touch but still feel.” I really enjoyed this little tune.

I must say that I didn’t really care for the last few songs on the album, but all in all, I do feel that The Silver Scream is a good album which was a lot of fun to listen to. I love how the music videos show the lead singer, Spencer, dealing with nightmares that lead into the songs. I am hoping they eventually make all the songs into music videos to continue the story of Spencer and his nightmares. It’s a lot of fund to see this new up-and-coming band portray such iconic horror villains. This concept gives a sort of second story to the villians that we all know and love.

Once again, this is Medusa of HorrorWeb, and I give ICE NINE KILLS 7/10 killer bats for The Silver Scream.

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