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Horroweb's Mama Wolf Reviews Superman & Batman VS Vampires & Werewolves Comic!

Honestly the pairing you secretly always wanted but never knew how bad you needed.

Every October since 2013, I read this series. After attending my very first Comic-Con in Dallas in October of 2013, I visited my first comic store as an adult. I was overwhelmed at the idea of trying to find a good place in the DC Universe to start. I love Batman. You can thank Tim Burton and Bruce Timm for that. After perusing shelves with an abundance of Marvel covers, unamused, I started thumbing through the older issue bins. A cover caught my eye. The title got my attention.

And the first comic book I ever purchased (unless you want to count Archie's Digests from the grocery check out lane in the 90s) became Superman & Batman VS Vampires and Werewolves. It was October. I was feeling extra spooky. And hell, why wouldn't I want to read a comic about my favorite monster (Vampire) versus my favorite hero (Batman)!?!? Listen, bizarre mashups are a staple in comics. And as cherry popping goes, I am very satisfied with my first comic purchase.

Written by Kevin Vanhook, if the idea itself isn't intriguing enough, the incredibly graphic and stunningly gory artwork by Tom Mandrake will capture you. I choose to reread this six issue series every October because it's a delicious combination of my two worlds GEEK and SPOOKY! It's almost like this series was released in 2008 just for me.

Without giving too much away, because you should absolutely go to your local comic shop and order this series trade, the story takes place in Gotham and stars a good chunk of the Justice League. It focuses on Dr. Combs, who is building an army of the undead. Perhaps the most compelling part of the series is seeing how superheroes deal with supernatural entities. We even get to see Night Wing take on a Werewolf and Wonder Woman lasso a vampire.

Definitely a departure from a lot of common comic tropes, this series is macabre stylistically while still staying true to its comic roots. If you're geeky and also spooky, the entire series is a nice mix of both.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and thanks for reading!

-Mama Wolf

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