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I Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer Arrives

That's what SHE said.

Okay, so I started this out with a tacky/hacky caption joke, but I kind of think it fits the tone here. I usually only write when something genuinely interests me and I'm a bit intrigued with this.

Unfortunately, I am intrigued, not necessarily in the "Ohhh I gotta see that way" but more in the "Ohhh I wonder how bad they're going to f@ck this up way.

The minute I saw this trailer was online I was on it quick. Then I felt like I was watching some kind of MTV production for "young adults". It could be just the trailer but the darkness and dread seem to be put on the side of the road along with the first victim.

...And just when you think things are going to pick up, you realize that you're seeing honey and not gore spill from the massive Michel Myers type knife.

To be fair, this is labeled as an "Official Teaser", but Amazon better pony up on some actual action if I'm going to put eight hours into finding out who our killer is.

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