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In This Moment Makes Music For Witches

Always Wash Your Hands After Eating Those Flaming Hot Cheetos

My exact thought when I watched this video WAS "this is music for witches". Yeah, I guess the video imprinted that on me a bit, but this is still a great song.

So does stuff like this belong on "HorrorWeb"? Well, if I haven't explained it before, HorrorWeb is actually owned by folks in the music and radio industries. We love it when the worlds of horror and music collide and this video fits that description.

Not all music has to be slow and creepy to be horror-inspired; keep in mind that the legendary Black Sabbath had more mid and fast tempo songs than slow ones any day. In This Moment has put a toe in this area before too with songs like "Big Bad Wolf".

The band pulls it off again with this song "The In-Between" and a video that puts a background of witchery against Maria Brink's lyrics of self-examination. Enough of my biopsy on the song, just check it out and decide if it belongs in YOUR world.

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