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Insane New Trailer For Candyman Drops

This guy should be arrested for buzzed driving

Please don't think poorly of me, but I did not like the original "Candyman" movie. I don't even remember why I was not a fan, but if I'm correct it was because they were low on kill counts. You have to remember that that stuff came out in the thick of the Michael-Jason-Freddy era so it was tough for anybody to keep up.

Jordan Peele is bringing back the hook-handed man and I feel like I already know the character better (and like this approach more) than the original. Now, I WILL say that original actor Tony Todd better be in here somewhere or we riot. He WAS the Candyman as much as Robert Englund was Freddy. He created a character that I truly believe was strong than the actual movies.

I like the little shadow puppet way of laying out the backstory. It's been used before, but I think it really helps all of these things unfold. I also LOVE the actress that tells our hero(?) not to say Candyman for that fateful fifth time. What can I say other than I'm "all in" on "Candyman" by Jordan Peele.

Check out the new trailer drop:

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