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Is Ready Or Not The Next Great Horror Movie?

The Moment You Realize You Shouldn't Have Had Taco Bell For Lunch

Am I the only one getting a serious "You're Next" vibe off of this? The good thing is, I believe "You're Next" is a stone cold classic. It even seems to share a bit of the story line with a family turning against a newcomer.

So the premise is a familiar one too-survive until dawn and you get to live (although it rarely works out that way). Now, let's add to those tropes some apparently accidental kills and you have a pretty good formula for a comedy/horror classic.

The trailer also reveals a moment when the bride rips off the bottom of her dress so she can get down to business either fighting back or running from the evil relatives.

Lastly, there's the use of "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers contrasting the familial murderpalooza that's taking place.

I don't mind movies bother formulas at all, and this one I'm excited about. Count me in for two tickets on opening day for "Ready Or Not".

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