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Is There More Life In The Walking Dead?

"Yes, I did try watching 'Walking Dead The World Beyond', why do you ask?"

My apologies for being a few days late with this trailer. I am very excited about connecting with my old friends on The Walking Dead. Well, kinda.

I certainly am a fan of this show, but tuning into "Walking Dead-The World Beyond" cast a serious pall over my Walking Dead watching. I need to mention, I am also a fan of "Fear The Walking Dead", so yeah, I'm willing to expand my universe, but I see a stop sign in the distance.

That stop sign is "The Commonwealth", presumably the next big bad on the series. I don't know what it is, but something about that just leaves me cold. I think we all know we're heading that direction and that direction is a dead-end street. I think even the creators must know that, and that's why this show will end with a Daryl & Carol spinoff that will take them to more exciting places.

Take a look at the trailer yourself. Despite the fact that the Princess looks like an interesting character, don't the parts that aren't that group look infinitely more interesting? Don't tune the trailer out to early, there's a little bit at the end that gives me a little hope.

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