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IT 2 Final Trailer Looks Insanely Scary

That face you make when they say "all you can eat pancakes"

We're all adults here, right? 'Cause I have a HUGE HORROR BONER RIGHT NOW!. Oh, muh gawd does this trailer look beyond fantastic. How did they do this? How did they pack so much horror in the trailer without looking like they're giving away the story? Please, all movie trailer directors, please take note, this is how it's done.

So, you probably know that the Losers Club has to get back to Derry 27 years later for another battle with Pennywise. You're also going to get flashbacks to the kid sized versions who did such an awesome job in the first movie.

I can't help but already proclaim this as one of the most awesome Stephen King adaptations ever (The Shining is a great movie, but is really different from the book). I can't wait to go see this, come home and then watch it back to back with volume 1. I may just put these two on a loop.......if they stick the ending. They HAVE to stick the ending because even in the book the ending was kinda, what? Check it out.

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