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Itsy Bitsy Brings On The Arachnophobia

You When Someone Is Talking About The New Tool Album On The Radio

Spiders as a horror villain are almost as old as horror movies themselves. Spiders creep people the *fudge* out. I guess I haven't spent much time studying the anatomy of spider because I can't quite figure out what they'd do to you if they could. I suppose they could paralyze you, spin you up in a web and suck all of your juices out, but other than that, what harm could they possibly be?

So how hilarious that "Itsy Bitsy" in the name of the new over sized spider movie. That's right, the spider in this movie doesn't even look that big, but apparently it can think and it thinks it wants a cat, a possibly children for dinner.

The good thing about a spider movie is, there's nearly always built in suspense as things that creep tend the ratchet the tension up. Myself, I giggled through the preview but the person I was with was screaming, "oh f#ck no! No! No! No! F@ck no!" (as a horror movie director, that's kind of the reaction that you're hoping for).

I also noticed while researching this trailer that it is the result of a Kickstarter campaign so it's awesome people got behind this project. Check it out:

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