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Jessica Jones Season Three Trailer

You can't have alias without an il' ass.

So does superhero content belong on this site? I think in this context it may. The new and final season of Jessica Jones sure looks like it.

Though all we have to work off of so far is a trailer, if I didn't tell you this was "Jessica Jones" you'd immediately think it was a stalker/killer type horror movie. From the show footage to the closing graphic it certainly looks like it will fall somewhere in that area. You'd also think with Brightburn making waves, the lines between superheros, villains and horror are getting thinner and thinner.

So what can I tell you about Jessica Jones? She's a "retired" superhero with some super strength who runs a detective agency when she's not drunk. I think that may sum it up, except that she's mentally screwed because she was brainwashed/mind controlled by a super villain. I guess the bottom line is, she's pretty screwed up and now someone else has come along to make her miserable.

Jessica belonged to the ground level group of The Defenders too, along with Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage (who she also had a little romantic time with). There are indications that this final season may turn tragic too as blood was already in the water regarding the cancellation of the other shows.

Have a quick peak at the new trailer:

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