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I Is For Iatrophobia

That face you make when the chicken place says you can only have one sauce

The incredibly talented Kuru is back with another amazing look. This one is based on a visit to the doctor. You certainly wouldn't want whatever injection this lady had! I also don't know what is up with that mouthpiece thingy, but I'm sure glad I don't have one (it would seriously affect the way I eat my Count Chocola. Here's Kuru with the full story on the makeup job:

Hey all you ghouls and gals! It’s Kuru back with another look for you guys this week! This makeup look is based off the fear/phobia “Iatrophobia” or known as the fear of doctors! I wanted to try incorporate some new techniques that i learned with this look. I hope you spookies enjoy it as much as i did! All the products that i used will be listed below!

Airbrush: Neo Iwata & Paasche VL series

Airbrush paint: Proaiir & EBA

Detail Paint: Skin Illustrator “Grunge” palette

Contacts: Hallowjos

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