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Leprechaun Returns

...And thats why I use Proactive

How did Leprechaun ever become a franchise? Yes, I'm one of the guys that rented the original at Blockbuster, thus making the franchise popular, but still....

Anyways, the Leprechaun is revived when some sorority girls disturb a well on a secluded farmhouse. The Leprechaun needs to kill to get all of his powers back while the girls try to survive and find his gold. I guess that's all the story you need in between kills.

This sequel does serve up a little fan service including two of the actors from the original Leprechaun movie (which featured a young Jennifer Aniston).

What can I say? You're either a fan of the franchise or not. I want to like it, but they are already killing the vibe for me with that awful makeup (c'mon, I know people who could do better).

Leprechaun Returns will be available on digital and On Demand.

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