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Ma Is A Fresh New Look In Horror

That moment when you bite into your Whopper and they put too much ketchup on it

I can't remember being this excited about a horror project in a LONG time. Yes, it starts with partying teens (the basis for almost every horror movie in the 80's) but "Ma" is not your ordinary villain.

Let's start with the fact that "Ma" is played by Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer. It's not often that we get a quality, recognized actor leading a horror/thriller type movie, but when we do the results are usually pretty awesome.

Next up, if there's another instance of an African-American Woman leading a project like this, I'm not aware of it. This works on two fronts, first. Ms. Spencer carrying the project as an actor and second having her as the villain. Those of us who are horror fans are so used to the same old tropes that it's bound to bring some fresh perspective to the project.

The story seems somewhat simply. "Ma" is the cool mom that allows kids to party over at her house, but then things start to get a little wack. How wack? Well, we don't know because the trailer (unlike most) doesn't give too much away. I am betting some of you horror fans will gasp at the scene from the trailer with the truck though.

Let's also not forget that this is a Blumhouse project and they have become THE name in horror. Check out the trailer for "Ma" below.

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