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Mortal Kombat Seven Minute Scene Is Brutal

Yes, I have had one of THOSE headaches

If you told me I was going to get all amped up for the Mortal Kombat movie I would have told you you're nuts, but his opening seven minutes is straight-up adrenaline and they aren't even at the competition yet.

Now obviously what we have here is a blood feud between the men who would become Scorpion and Sub Zero. Let's just say that you don't want to piss Scorpion off and Scorpion is very pissed off.

The movie promises gory fatalities and this opening scene delivers a lot of blood, but what is amazing is the fight choreography. I've seen everything from the C-grade movies USA used to play on KungFu Theater to higher quality fare and this choreography is top-notch and rings true (some of these guys had to go home with serious bruises).

The movie will be available in theaters and HBO Max this Friday. If you're feeling good and vaccinated this very well may prove to be the first great movie of the year. There's something about this that makes it just a notch above a regular videogame or comic book-inspired flick.

Watch the first seven minutes now:

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