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New 'A Quiet Place' Trailer And Featurette Drop

Are you ready for A Quiet Place Two (an even quieter place)? The sequel to the little movie that became an eventual blockbuster is on the way. A new trailer and featurette have arrived just in time for the Superbowl because football fans are known for their appreciation of quiet moments.

The sequel picks up right where the first movie left off but goes deeper into why the quiet hit the fan. I don't quite remember how the first movie left off, but I'm pretty sure that the movie is about a sweaty Emily Blount and her cross-country search for a good astringent.

Alright, I got all the jokes out. A Quiet Place 2 looks like it ramps up the tension a bit and with this many of the monsters appearing in the trailer, I have high hopes that we'll get a grade A creature feature out of this.

Horror in general looks like it's in a good place with the scares coming from odd places. Now, let's get a decently made, creative slasher flick back at the movies. Enjoy the preview:

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