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New Army Of The Dead Trailer Is Bonkers

He's The One Eye Love

The latest trailer for Army Of The Dead is out and let me say it has my interest again. After all, when was the last time you saw a zombie tiger?

Apparently, everything goes zombie in this world, with the exception of birds, because I dunno. Do the fish go zombie? What about reptiles? 'Cause if there are zombie alligators I'm going to brown my shorts.

I had initially checked out of this a bit because the first stills looked a little too formulaic, but it appears we've got some zombie evolution and the aforementioned zombie critters (what about a zombie platypus, because that would be hella-weird?).

It does look like this movie is taking the steps to rise about expectations, and then again, I was going to watch it no matter what. Check out the INSANE trailer below (and yeah, you still get a little bit of that Swartzenegger Predator set in Vegas vibe).

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